What You Need to Know about Business Intelligence

IntelligenceRegardless of whether you are running a cleaning services business or a tech company, you need to make use of data to help you drive your business in the right manner. To run a successful business in today’s world, you need to understand and implement business intelligence and analytics. Businesses that make use of data stand a better chance to leverage it to their advantage. The value of monitoring and analyzing data, especially web data, is something that businesses should take very seriously.


What does business intelligence involve?

Business intelligence deals with groupings of data in an organization to track performance and help in business planning. It aims at answering the question of what happened, and what can be done to promote improvements. On the other hand, business analytics deals with skills, technologies and applications that are required for the purpose of exploration and investigating the data acquired to craft business intelligence.

Businesses should aim at incorporating business intelligence in their day to day tasks because of the following reasons.


Smart business decisions

When you are running a business, it is very important to have a firm grasp of what data is telling you. Information does not necessarily translate to intelligence, but key to that depends with the way information is applied. The main goal of business intelligence is to convert a company’s information into a structured and analyzable insight. Real business intelligence helps in crafting a strategic decision for a company.


Smash sales and marketing goals

Business intelligence aims at delivering an in-depth analysis that help in kick starting sales and boosting marketing performance. If a business can provide its salespeople with tools that can measure their activity and identify customer behavior trends, such people stand a better chance to smash sales targets.

Gain Customer Knowledge

One of the main reasons business intelligence is important lies on the ways it can be used to understand how businesses are interacting with customers. A business that does not have customer knowledge is more likely to fall behind its competitors. Businesses need to understand the typical customer journey from the point of initial interest up to the point a purchase is completed. Solutions such as CRM can be very resourceful to provide the required intelligence that businesses need to map their customer journey.



Business intelligence has huge potentials to release any inefficient bottlenecks by refining existing business processes and automating routine tasks. This helps in bringing new levels of productivity and efficiency. When data is centralized, it becomes available to every authorized person and this can be particularly important for administrative purposes. When a company has a large data to handle, it is very important to come up with policies that promote data accuracy and protection.


Customer Experiences

Business intelligence is particularly important in helping businesses deliver outstanding customer experience. It is very important for businesses to improve their knowledge on their customers as it helps in overall customer satisfaction and retention. Data provides the basis for enhancing customer service and allows a business to spot when a prospective customer might be on a buying mode.



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